• Membership Information. Current Corvette ownership is required for members.

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining the PRESQUE ISLE CORVETTE CLUB (PICC). PICC is the oldest Car Club in Erie, PA. Tracing its beginnings back to the early 1970's, PICC is the only surviving Corvette Club in the area. We are a self-sustaining organization and the members are expected to promote the Club in all Activities and Events. PICC is a social organization of people who Own, Drive, and Love Corvettes. PICC provides planned trips, events, and other social activities for its membership, and we ask you, the prospective member, what special talents and abilities can you bring to PICC to help it grow and maintain positive visibility in the community as well as having fun with friends with a common interest - Corvettes. PICC would like to emphasize that we look for enthusiastic members to add to our group that will promote the club's image in a mature and dignified fashion.

To apply for membership with PICC, complete a membership form and bring it to the next monthly meeting or mail it to:

PICC Secretary
Box 604
Erie, PA 16512

After a membership form is signed and presented to the club, a Probationary Membership is established. You are considered a Probationary Member for the first 3 meetings/events attended. After attending 3 meetings/events you will become eligible to be voted in for membership. Your probationary membership entitles you to all Club privileges, excluding the right to vote or hold office.

Individual probationary members pay a $10.00 Application Fee. Couples probationary members pay a $15.00 Application Fee. Upon acceptance into PICC the yearly dues should be paid within thirty (30) days, Yearly dues: Individual - $30.00, Couples - $40.00 . Active members (individual and couples) are required to pay the yearly dues at the annual meeting each October.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at Black Jax's Sport Bar and Grille. We meet year round! All meetings will begin at 6:30pm. If you have any questions regarding PICC please e-mail one of our officers listed in the contacts section of this web site.